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We used to subscribe to German daily taz which is a handy small paper with a steady coverage of eco-lefty issues. But somehow things changed and we ended up having what some people call a proper newspaper now. I don’t think I’m better informed than I used to be, there’s mainly more text, more business numbers, more sports pages while I’m missing out on ambitious reports on areas like Africa or the Middle-East.

Greenpeace Magazine banner ad

And thus, from time to time, I still buy a taz for a train journey or I have a look at their web site to see how they write about current issues (admirably they do have full text of their current issues online for half a year or so, which makes sending current articles around quite easy). But one thing really made me chuckle when recently visiting their site. They had colour matched banner ads by KLM for cheap flights and by Greenpeace against climate change. It’s all nice if a paper says they won’t let their ideology influence the ads they accept – but I still found this rather absurd.

KLM Banner ad

Uh, and after I recently looked up where Mount Rushmore is, I somehow doubt that using it in an ad for flights to New York is all that appropriate.

March 10, 2007, 9:59

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