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I think I should just stop reading the paper – or listen to any news from the world for that matter. It just brings depressing news. The froggies elect a xenophobic moron and it remains to see whether he’ll manage to ruin Europe or at least beat the last bit of savoir vivre out of them. If so, there goes the Grande Nation.

Speaking of morons, there’ll be the G8 meeting in Germany soon. And the chancellorette will host her mates from Bush to Putin for the occasion (heck, it’s really hard to tell who’s worse…). Essentially it’s a meeting of scared politician types which not everybody approves of and protests are being planned against them. Of course the politicians want to meet both in a ‘real’ place and in a place where nobody who might disagree with them could be around. Naturally their course of action is to build a long fence around where the meet at the Baltic sea. Rather than saving a few millions and meeting at a military base or something which would be ‘safe’ enough to begin with – and possibly even has a private air strip.

But things get worse. The upcoming German police state took the liberty to conduct a big number of ‘searches’ (just by their language, English reports on this make things sound quite harmless) on groups who might disagree with what is going on. Of course the magic word ‘terrorists’ was heard in that context. All for the best of freedom, peace and democracy I suppose.

And finally there are fat people. Some ‘study’ came up recently claiming that people in Germany are now the fattest in Europe. Whether it’s Helmut Kohl’s legacy or people becoming dumber remains to be seen. And as the media finally figured out, the ‘dramatic’ conclusion only came to be by comparing studies which they shouldn’t have compared. Yet the topic started making the rounds. And our highly competent and pro-active politicians were quick to pick it up. As if at the flip of a finger people being obese just started having and being a problem this month. And that hasn’t been coming for decades as a consequence of wealth and consumerism.

May 12, 2007, 0:16

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