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I’m a sucker for sweet food. And since I saw this super easy (possibly too easy) recipe for one of my favourite sweet dishes, Kaiserschmarrn, in the weekend supplement of our paper I have been tempted to make it. Being really hungry when I came home today actually made me do that.

Kaiserschmarrn is an Austrian dish (I suppose most good sweet ‘German’ dishes were nicked from Austria…) which is sort of a broken up fluffy pancake that is served almonds, fruit, vanilla sauce or all of the above. I am not really convinced that this recipe is the best. And it definitely isn’t written in a way that helped make the Kaiserschmarrn thanks to being unclear and suggesting enormous quantities which would feed eight people (which I easily fixed). I really wonder whether people who write up recipes ever think about that somebody might just try to follow them.

After a bit of mixing, baking, caramelising, heating fruit, making sauce and sprinkling almonds I still managed to get an edible dish of which I ate too much to feel comfortable afterwards.

Kaiserschmarrn served

May 9, 2007, 0:08

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