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Surprise Guests

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After getting some drops to pacify the itching in my eye – and having breakfast of course, yadda yadda, I went to meet my friend Yassin. Perhaps it’s just because we only see each other once or twice a year but it’s always cool to catch up with him and touch all the related topics. And because he has been insanely busy with work in the past years, the little time we have invariably runs out really quickly.

Later on – after me just having to visit the record store I passed – I met Carola for cake and we went on strolling around a little and finally playing a bit of table tennis – for a bit of practice in case we go to Dr. Pong again. And because it was quite fun as everybody used to play table tennis in primary school or so. And, um, I’m still not particularly good at it. Particularly my forehand isn’t. That was pretty exhausting because it was a not so hot but rather humid afternoon. And we then headed for dinner at some Thai place which was reasonably good.

On our way back we discovered a rather great video store. Somehow video stores usually manage to be unpleasant. At best, that is, they can be downright disgusting as well – picture overweight people in tank tops and sports pants, smoking while they make their choice between crappy films and using the ashtrays that are affixed to the video shelves [I’m not kidding, I’ve really been in such a place once…]. This place, however, just looked friendly and downright comfortable from the outside. More like a bookstore and we decided to just have a look around. They focus on the stuff that video stores usually don’t do well: old films, ‘indie’ films, foreign films. With the DVDs neatly arranged by countries and directors. I really liked that and started being sorry that I don’t live there, so I could actually watch all those films.

After returning from that, I thought I’d quickly check my e-mail before we go out. Amusingly, you can do quite well without the distractions of e-mail or RSS feeds when you’re having fun. And amidst the bunch of spam e-mails I downloaded, I found a message from my friend Jean who had come to Berlin for a party. Which was a great surprise and meant that we just went to crash that party.

May 20, 2007, 2:19

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