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Taking a closer look at the results of yesterday’s developing spree confirmed a number of my first impressions and also gave a few new ones.

One thing is that – just as people say – those ADOX CHS/efke films really do have amazing grey tones in the mid ranges. Often photos that do not have strong contrasts or go to the outer limits of the black-vs-white range can look a bit dull. But with these films they look very rich and smooth. I quite like that. And the ISO25 film really adds a bit more of that. I like it.

New and old Buildings in various shades of grey

Secondly, I really need to re-think my love of pushing films. Particularly the Agfa APX400 that I got a 10 pack of is a bit disappointing at that. And – obviously – images will look harsher because of it. I guess I should switch back to HP5/CHM400 if I want to push the films and just try to use the APX400 at their nominal speed. Which is a shame because I find ISO400 a bit lacking. It’s not sensitive enough for photos in the dark or even for many indoor situations. And the films lack the subtlety of the CHS/efke films.

Thirdly, focusing that 500mm tele is friggin’ hard because its depth of field can be quite shallow at medium distances. A number of shots I did are less than perfect because of that. (Having had glasses that were 0.5 or so off when I took those photos probably didn’t help either). And, yup, moving targets can also become blurry at that magnification. — — Which brings me back to the topic of high ISO films, I suppose.

Cyclists in a bike race

Fourthly, when taking a photo of a moving train, rather photograph its back than its front for nice motion blur.

Finally, and somewhat disappointingly, I mostly over-exposed the photos I took of the moon, leaving me mostly with a white disc in the black sky. Digital cameras with their instant feedback certainly help when taking such photos where the exposure needs to be ‘just right’. With a bit of contrast/curves fiddling I could still turn this into somewhat recognisable image but it leaves a lot to be desired. I wonder whether I’d be able to re-create these corrections in the darkroom.


May 15, 2007, 0:36

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Comment by Thomas: User icon

I think there is a rule of thumb for taking moon pics… I think shutter speed should be 30 seconds max… (google for it to be sure)… problem is that the moon moves if you expose longer… yes.. I know you can’t see it… but the film can ;)

good luck


May 16, 2007, 10:56

Comment by ssp: User icon

Thanks for the hint. I was actually told that anything over a second can already be a problem.

But my problem is more that I overexposed the shot – thus leaving everything very white and with poor contrast. The image you see in the post has been harshly manipulated after scanning to see any difference between the dark and the light areas.

May 16, 2007, 14:10

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