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I saw this ad recently:

Ad for a Cheapo iPod Bag priced at 30 Euros

And had to think holy shit! This looks like one of the least sophisticated designs you can possibly use. Two pieces of felt sown together around their outside in a single go. The thing probably is excessively wide for the iPod, it takes a minute to make and the fabric won’t be that expensive. This can’t cost more than two Euros (one for the fabric and other one for the Chinese and shipping) if you make thousands of them. And yet they sell it for 30 Euros. At that rate my Powerbags would easily cost 500 Euros or so.

And to add insult to injury, the people making those even have to put their little nametag on the bag, thus making it look uglier for no good reason. Indeed this is quite a trend I have seen. Sites for selling home-made stuff are coming up which I think is a really neat idea. Not only because people start appreciating that stuff again but also because it’s a great platform where the manually talented can offer their craft to a wide public.

But looking a bit closer, it looks like the majority of the products offered are not such home made nice things with granny’s nice touch to them, but instead there is already a lot of branding and mass production going on. Rather than having traditionally made things, a lot of the items on offer seem mass produced, have horribly simplified designs, sport some label with a supposed ‘brand-name’ and, yet, many of them are priced at a point which is much closer to what you’d expect for the ‘real thing’ rather than what you get. A shame.

June 6, 2007, 1:07

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