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The bummer when going to my parents’ on the slow trains is that the connection in Hannover sucks. Sucks badly, that is. As in: My train from Göttingen comes in at 27 minutes past and the train to Bremen leaves at 20 minutes past the hour. Giving a rather long wait in a railway station that isn’t particularly interesting. At particular times of the day, however, the connection is even worse. Somehow the train from Göttingen is a bit quicker then and comes in at 21 minutes past. Meaning that the train is just missed by a single minute and I’m in for a 59 minute wait.

Of course, everytime I catch that train I hope that my train will be a bit early or the other train will have slight delay. Which – as local trains go – never happened. So far. Yesterday, it was perfect. Apparently there was a small problem with the train which meant it couldn’t leave on time. And while there were no announcements about the delay I checked ‘just in case’, got on it, and arrived an hour early. That’s great. Particularly as it cuts the duration of the whole journey down to just over two and a half hours. Which is a bit absurd because it shows that for travel speed alone the slow trains aren’t all that bad – taking just 40 minutes longer for the distance than the high speed trains do.

Did some tempura cooking with my parents then. Shorter deep frying than the other day was a good idea. My mum had also gotten some really nice and soft calamari steak to use with it. Excellent.

A few days of outdoor music enjoyment come next… and the weather report suggests that we will not have the best of times. But hey, Arcade Fire!

June 22, 2007, 11:04

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