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Perhaps it’s just the age

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Many people weren’t particularly impressed by last week’s Stevenote. Perhaps the RDF is just wearing off, perhaps I’m just getting too old to find even minor Mac details exciting. But I think it’s something else: The stuff realsteve shows us just isn’t particularly exciting. Reflections and transparency on screen probably weren’t even exciting in 1999. But at least they were somewhat new back then and they indicated that OS X has technology under the hood with the potential to still make the competition play catch up almost a decade later.

And now we have to sit through keynote after keynote and watch poor old Mr Jobs demo new effects. He’ll tell us that it’s all very beautiful. And that it’s amazing. And really cool. But that’s really it. Ultimately everybody will decide for himself whether or not what is shown is cool. And an old man pretending to drool over it won’t help that decision too much.

In fact, Mr Jobs may even start looking uncool because of that. Even with people quoting the RDF all the time, it was based on some real magic in the things shown. And without that magic, the RDF fades. Telling people that reflections in the Dock are very beautiful just doesn’t cut it. Probably not even for John Average Customer and surely not for the developers.

June 18, 2007, 0:17

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