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It is frequently said that the people who are into graphics end up in advertising if they are also into earning actual money. Ads are everywhere and they mostly are annoying for the recipient. On the other hand, they are a playground with plenty of money in it and I guess that between dozens of hauntingly crappy ads, those designers get a chance to come through with some great ideas.

Poster with a bull's head saying 'Plakatreiz'

Whenever not enough billboards are filled with ads, the billboard companies will use the area to put ads for ads there. Usually their theme is along of the line of letting you know that you just looked there and that having your ad in that place will be a good way to make people see it.

Poster with a TV test picture saying 'Plakate senden'

Exactly such a campaign was run around here a while ago. The strange thing was that – unlike the ads that usually populate exactly the same places – I noticed these. So perhaps it’s not just the position but the quality of those posters. They are quite good. Very simple and easily recognisable themes joined with a single somewhat clever word or phrase. The remaining question would be why actual ads aren’t designed along those lines? I’d guess that the answer to that question will lead somewhere to the low end of mediocrity created by corporate identities and ‘design-by-commitee’ and the need to seriously dumb down stuff to reach the maximum gullible audience (keeping in mind that the ‘90% crud’ rule applies not just to the ads but also to their audience).

Poster with Parking sign saying 'Hier Plakatieren'

[For the German non-speakers: Plakatreiz combines the words Plakat which means poster and Reiz which can mean stimulus or thrill. Plakate senden 24/7 with senden being used to speak of broadcasting and hier plakatieren telling people to put posters up here.]

July 8, 2007, 12:57

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