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Sure signs of ageing

  1. You go to the record store and find that they are trying to have a section with ‘classical’ music there. Looks like the target group is changing. (I actually think this is ill advised, though. While it may be simple to have the entire White Stripes back catalogue in stock and possibly even know about it, this band has only existed for a decade and they are playing their own new songs. Compare that to so-called classical music where people make new recordings of Beethoven’s symphonies or the Well-Tempered Clavier every year and have done so for decades. It’s an entirely different game and challenge. And one which amazon or iTMS have a (or at least could have a) much larger advantage at.
  2. You want to buy some writable DVDs. As amazon broke their site in a way that makes it impossible to judge the actual price of purchase for these items as most of what they list are sold by non-amazon stores with high and random shipping costs, I decided – shock horror! – to just go to a real store. Where I realised that people consider putting one or two entire shelves full of different DVDs next to each other a good idea. So within a few metres I have dozens of offerings of the same product with minor technical differences (the plus/minus business, and other logo crap on the thingies), different quantities, different brand names and different prices. And I have no friggin’ idea how to decide which of these to get. After all they’re all just DVDs and apparently not even buying the same brand guarantees you’ll get the same type of DVD. So I just bought the cheapest. And I wonder why anybody would do otherwise.

Got to listen to Love Is All’s Ageing had never been his friend now:

July 30, 2007, 1:50

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