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Great Writing

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Why do newspaper’s business / economy sections attract the worst writers? When reading things in otherwise respectable papers that are downright idiotic and suggest that whoever wrote them either cannot write or has no idea what he is writing about it’s quite safe to bet that you are currently reading the business / economy sections.

Opening this week’s issue of Die Zeit, this gem jumped at me:

Snippet from Die Zeit

In an article on wasting energy and power generation, the author managed to write and get published: jeder Liter Benzin verbrennt bis zu 2,3 Kilogramm CO2. – Each litre of petrol burns up to 2,3 kilograms of CO2. Hooray! Climate problem solved, let’s just burn all that damn carbon-dioxide.

I’ll save my whining about the degradation of language for another time. Particularly how people increasingly use English words in German these days, even if the German versions have a slightly or even blatanly different meaning. Always makes me think the writers just translated some English press release…

July 6, 2007, 1:23

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