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Library Run

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Sometimes it’s just bad luck. Say when you’re looking for a specific volume of a journal. A journal which is present in the library. But which seems to exist at different locations, older volumes in the basement and newer ones more easily accessible. So far so good, just that of the two locations they give in the basement one only seem to have very few volumes in a rather random selection of years while the location doesn’t even exist.

Now the thing about that basement, the dreaded ‘Freihandmagazin’, is that it’s quite large and books are placed in there by some old schemes (books that belong to a series sit on the same shelf) and the presumable more efficient new scheme (books are filed in there in the order they were added). So to find your way around in that, they put maps of the floor up which indicate the locations of the various signatures you may be looking for. And I definitely remember seeing the signature range I was looking for on that map in the past. Just that I couldn’t find it today.

So I decided to go the three stories up and check the other location which – as indicated by the computer – only had more current volumes. So I finally asked the staff and it seems like I managed to look for this volume while they are busy moving those books to a new location. I could still order the volume in question, though. Let’s see whether that actually works and they know where they placed these volumes behind the scenes…

July 27, 2007, 1:41

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