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I quite like amazon. Not only are they my favourite provider of cover art for my iTunes library. They are also running quite a good shopping website. Unlike other big companies, I always have the impression that at amazon they make an effort to reduce the number of clicks you need to find or buy something. Once in a while their business interests and my convenience are aligned. Hooray!

I am sure that other e-commerce people try to do the same but so far amazon managed to always have the simplest site of them all. And their service is all right as well. In the seven or so years I bought stuff with them there has been one major cock-up (they lost the items in my shopping basket which I tend to use as a reminder list) and two additional inconveniences. One of them being that I got a slightly wrong CD and the other with me accidentally getting a different person’s delivery. Both cases were resolve quickly and without extra hassles. And other problems I heard of have equally been resolved quickly and without hassle. Which probably is a big point for the company and makes people more likely to come back.

Add to that that their shipping centre must be nearby and that quite frequently I manage to receive deliveries with free shipping less than 24 hours after having placed the order and I’m quite happy.

Luckily my happiness isn’t affected too much by amazon’s current mis-hap. As amazon offer free shipping for orders over 20 Euros in Germany, I like keeping a few cheapo paperbacks in my shopping basket in case I stay a few Euros short of that limit. And some time back in spring I placed such an order. But they couldn’t deliver that very book for some reason and didn’t get it back in stock. So they sent me the rest anyway, along with an e-mail letting me know that the book will come later.

And since then, I get the occasional e-mail telling me that they’re terribly sorry but they couldn’t get the item back in stock and that it’ll be there in a few weeks or months. This week I got the latest installment of that e-mail and it told me that they expect to deliver the book around the new year. I guess I’ll just wait and see. I’m starting to really want that book.

August 17, 2007, 0:26

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