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It looks like not just every piece of technology I own breaks but that pretty much everything else likes to go wrong as well as soon as I am involved. Sure, things go wrong from time to time. But why, in an at best moderately filled restaurat, is it me whose order is first forgotten and then, by the time they have been reminded and brought it, it isn’t entirely correct but I didn’t have enough time to make a fuss about that (although I would have loved those chorizo slices!). Argh!

At least I made it to cinema in time, seeing Tarantino’s Death Proof film (which apparently was part of the Grindhous adouble feature with a Robert Rodriguez film in the U.S. but that has been torn apart for other countries). I was sceptical about it after the reviews I read, but it kicked ass. Or rather head. Or, um, whatever. Anyway, a film for car lovers!

Uh, and my bike’s light is broken as well which is sort of bad. But at least gives rise to the only good thing that happened to me today: Even though an idling police car drove just by me without a working light on the bike, they didn’t stop me. Normally they love annoying and fining people for such things on weekend nights. Good luck for me… 

August 11, 2007, 2:19

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