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The wonderful institution that is the EU manages to do good things every now and again. In spring, for example, they passed some regulation to limit the roaming charges for mobile phone usage in other countries. Meaning that where people were mindlessly ripped off beforehand for daring to accept a call on their phone from a network in a different country, that rip-off is now limited to something like 25 Cents a minute and to 50 Cents a minute for making a call (down from something typically in the 2 Euro region).

Of course the mobile network operators didn’t like that and whined a bit at the time. But luckily they still have to adhere to those rules which kicked in recently. And ultimately I think having reasonable roaming charges may even work in their favour in the long run as people might just start actually using their phones abroad (well I guess business users who don’t have to pay their phonebill themselves already did that but those are also the people who ‘need’ expensive plane seats and environmentally hostile cars to make their businesses more profitable).

What remains unregulated and thus a potentially absurd rip-off, however, is making a phone call to a different country. Phone companies still seem to like charging 1,50 or 2 Euros for that, meaning that it will quite possible be cheaper to call a German phone in some non-German EU country from a German phone in another non-German EU-country than calling a native phone in a non-German EU country is. Crazy!

August 21, 2007, 0:06

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