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iTunes 7.4.2

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iTunes icon Oh my, this starts to be tiring. I used to love iTunes updates for their little new features and seeing what a bit of further development does (and hate them for all the new crap and limitations Apple wanted to taint their software with). But Apple are so keen on these updates now that they gave us three new versions in less than a fortnight’s time. With the subsequent updates presumably being attributable to rushed releasing, a lack of testing or good old laziness. I’m sure millions of users will appreciate downloading dozens of megabytes each and running an installer just because this was the most convenient way for Apple marketing to push things out. It’s good to have priorities.

It seems that today’s update of iTunes to version 7.4.2 limits itself to change the main binary, iPod updater binary, the mysterious iTunes.icxs file and all the version numbers they could find. My guess is that this is to iron out some problems in support for the new iPods, iPhones or whatever. It doesn’t appear to bring any conceptual improvements.

September 18, 2007, 2:01

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