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As Dave helpfully pointed out my utterly descriptive and helpful file name for the image in yesterday’s post seems to upset some parts of the internet.

If an LP sleeve with Helvetica on it is worth banning what will I have to do for ‘them’ to come, pick me up and interrogate me on an island? – I had to think immediately. And what a difference would using Arial or Garamond make? Hard questions of course.

But, ironically, when looking at that page again, I noticed that the image with the ‘dangerous’ file name didn’t appear on my own machine either. So I started fiddling around a little and suspecting that perhaps the server hosting the image disapproved of it. And, ho!, after moving the image to our own server things started working again for me.

all caps

And just because I accidentally hit the caps lock button when logging into my computer the other day, which at the same time made me smile – because of the password field’s cleverly visible on-screen caps lock indicator – and cry – because the system doesn’t let me turn off caps lock globally for the whole computer but only for my account (in an obvious way) –, I did the following: I turned caps lock on before hitting the return key after typing my password.

I was curious what would happen then. Would ALL MY INPUT APPEAR IN CAPS because the anti-caps lock feature only turns off toggling? Would the computer duely turn off caps lock when logging in to respect my preference? Or would the machine simply ignore both the state of and the presses on the caps lock key after login to respect my preference?

Well, to establish yet another completely useless piece of trivia, it’s the last thing that happens. The caps lock light will remain turned on and cannot be toggled, but that indicator is meaningless as all typing happens as if caps lock weren’t pressed.

I keep wondering whether I can control the caps lock light (as you could on the old ADB keyboards). It’d make a neat status indicator for new messages when the screen is asleep.

October 31, 2007, 0:15

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