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Flu Hiatus

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A somewhat strange flu/illness thing gave me a break for a few days… and all that while I was visiting my parents to make sure they shut their house down properly and get to their plane for South Africa. Interesting things:

Quandt: documentary on telly about the Quandt family/industrial empire, neither of which was too badly harmed bei either the Nazis during their time, nor the allies after the war. They made batteries for the war and continued to do so afterwards and later on used that hard earned (one letter they showed stated an ‘expected fluctuation’ of 80 staff per month during their Nazi-era prisoner-driven operations) cash to buy BMW. Quite sickening. But at least the family keep having a good conscience about everything.

Contergan: The 1st of October was also the 50th anniversary of the Contergan tablet coming to market which led to thousands of kids being born strongly deformed. There will be a documentary on the topic on telly in November (7th and 8th) which is said to be very good and should at least be interesting for the fact that it only hasn’t been broadcast so far because of court proceedings…

Autobahn: One minute it’s perfect cruising with 140km/h in the slow lane of a three lane (per direction) road, the next minute it’s full of trucks on just two lanes and everything starts being stressful. Some people just sneak up on you, then harrass you and then don’t pass you quickly while others manage to approach quickly to make clear they’re serious about speed, yet don’t get dangerously close and once you move to the slow lane between the trucks and then overtake so quickly that you can just get back out on the fast lane again. And, seriously, what kind of problems do people have who think they need to drive cars which seem to have blue flames coming from their exhausts while accelerating – and making the noise of a starting plane while doing so?

October 3, 2007, 0:00

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