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My dad left me a pack of fancy and actually nice chocolates when leaving. It contained some little leaflets highlighting the ‘qualities’ and ‘tradition’ behind the product. Essentially the kind of crap you expect with expensively marketed consumables these days. But it just felt wrong. Not classy and expensive but rather creepy and cheap:

text from leaflet

And I’m pretty sure this impression is caused by the font (Matrix Script) they used for the top of the leaflet. Not only does it seem to ‘young’ for such a product, it’s also used by eBay in all their  advertising. And as such it may look cute but it screams ‘crooks’ all over. Not what you expect from your fancypants chocolate.

It’s really odd how a sufficiently big company can start ‘owning’ a typeface. Possibly in a way that you can’t sell it to other people in the future.

October 5, 2007, 9:09

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