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New York Fiction Cover Ahem, I made this great plan to put at least notes of the books I read here, so I’ll have a reference later on. But frequently that doesn’t really work because I forget or because I thought a book enough to be convinced that I’ll do it injustice by writing about it and just make a fool of myself. I guess I can live with the latter point, and now I at least have a little backlog to run through which may be an excuse.

The first book to catch up with is a rather odd volume called New York Fiction. It contains a bunch of New York centric short stories in English along with little vocabulary footnotes for German readers. It was also very cheap at just €3,60. As these things go, some of the stories were good while others were a bit boring. But never painfully boring, because its hard to be painfully boring in a dozen pages. You’ll just come out unremarkable…

Similarly those explanative footnotes were a mixed bag. Some of them seemed rather superfluous as they eplained fairly common expressions like ‘soap opera’ or ‘to bug s.o.’. But at the same time others were really helpful as they gave an extra bit of context - explaining where a referenced city is or giving an idea about a person who is referenced, for example.

Bookmark: 21-12-2004, flight FR 438 Stansted to Lübeck, back home from Cambridge and London.

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October 18, 2007, 0:19

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