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Odd design

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What’s the rationale that drives a designer to do something like this?

Printer with a hole for ventilation that is at an obviously different angle than the little plastic 'fence' covering it.

November 4, 2007, 13:12


Comment by Antonio Cavedoni: User icon


November 4, 2007, 14:16

Comment by Chris: User icon


What’s that, BTW, a printer?

November 4, 2007, 16:23

Comment by ssp: User icon

I’m not quite sure I made my point here: We have a strangely angled opening for ventilation ‘covered’ by a non-angled protective bit. This just looks broken to me.

And, yes, it’s a printer (HP something, nice and small).

November 4, 2007, 16:31

Comment by Antonio Cavedoni: User icon

Sven, my point is that if was broken by design then the designer must have thought to “add something” to it.

November 4, 2007, 17:33

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