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Today I lost my cards. And it was totally undramatic.

My card case with all the plastic that’s annoying but not exactly hard to replace must have slipped out of my pocket on the train this morning. I hadn’t even noticed that when I received a message that I had lost my cards after lunch. So I went to check – and, for sure, my cards were missing!

But – amazingly – the person who found them was considerate enough to think that it might be more helpful to try and return the found cards herself than to surrender them to some lost and found office at the railway station which would probably result in a rather inconvenient and time-consuming chase of the cards through bureaucratic systems. With my name all over the cards, I assume a Google search quickly revealed my contact details and before long I had received that message about the situation which made me aware of the problem to begin with.

Soon after we had arranged to meet at the station in the evening where I got back my cards – including the train ticket I needed to get back home. It all sounds so simple and so reasonable. But I consider this to an unlikely bit of luck I had. Most people just wouldn’t make the effort and I’d be without my cards now. A big thank you there.

January 30, 2008, 0:08

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