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Symmetry, My Love

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Symmetry is important. And it can be beautiful. I have been fascinated with letterforms and how they interact when arranged in symmetric ways for a while and when enjoying Fraktur Mon Amour recently, the excellent graphics in the book made me actually try and play a bit with this myself.

I thought to enjoy different kinds of symmetries better, I should make something that is animated in which the arrangement of letters can be seen together with changes in positioning which may reveal new patterns. I decided that using Quartz Composer would be a great way of doing that, particularly as it lets you get straight to the work and doesn’t put much hassle in your way.

The result of that exploration is a composition which arranges a number of copies of a glyph on the screen and moves those around slightly. That’s really it, but I enjoy it a lot. In case you think you’d enjoy that as well - and you happen to be using Mac OS X.5 -  look below or download the file and use it as a screen saver.

Still image created by the Quartz Composition using the letter A

As a tribute to Fraktur Mon Amour, the on-screen images can contain a hint of pink.

January 23, 2008, 9:03

Tagged as fraktur, graphics, quartz composer, symmetry.

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