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Welcome to the Monkey House

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Book Cover Welcome to the Monkey House is a collection of short stories by Kurt Vonnegut. In addition to the story it got its title from it contains 24 further short stories which are as cool as you’d expect them to be.

I particularly enjoyed the cold-war story The Manned Missiles which consists of letters sent between a Soviet and U.S. dad who lost their sons in a collision in the space race. Quite moving. And making you wonder why the people in power weren’t as accomodating or reasonable. Harrison Bergeron is a great story as well which deals with the downsides about everybody being too equal [text; my comment on the film].

I like Vonnegut, I like short stories, which made this volume an easy pick.

[Buy at amazon .com, .uk, .de]

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February 20, 2008, 0:29

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