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Surprise, Surprise

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I have always loved my Kinder Überraschung – Or Kinder surprise as they say internationally: Peel off the thin aluminium paper, split the chocolate egg into its halves, find the inner plastic container, open it, find a more or less crappy toy, eat the chocolate while assembling it: Fun!

I had heard before that some countries won’t let you sell food items with non-food items in them and other nonsense. And of course I was totally appalled when I found this degeneration of the good old Überraschungsei – as we colloquially call it:

Unopened 'Kinder Joy' product

Its fully packaged in plastic now and you can split it in two halves. Each of them has a plastic seal, one of which contains the little toy – along with a disclaimer in around two dozen languages – the other of which contains some sort of gooey pseudo chocolate along with two balls that appear to be cheap-ass tiny nut-free version of Ferrero’s Rocher. Let’s just say it’s utter crap. Thank you lawyers and MBAs. You managed to ‘improve’ the world once again.

Consumed plastic Kinder joy

March 15, 2008, 23:05

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