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Internet Explorer meet the Flash plugin, Flash plugin meet Internet Explorer.

Neither of those sofwares are held in high esteem here. One of them plays a big role in making web design a pain and keeping it that way for years to come – not even IE5 is dead enough to be completely ignored – the other one is the preferred tool for annoying ads, user interface atrocities and at least on the Mac the worst performance you can imagine. Congratulations!

And obviously those two get along well, no matter how much their parents might disapprove of that. On viewing an embedded YouTube video in IE6, I saw this:

Dialogue box saying 'Press OK to continue loading this page.' – with just an OK button

And I don’t think there was a discernible difference between clicking the ‘OK’ button and the red ‘X’ button at the top right of the window. So what exactly does this dialogue do?

While I am puzzled, the users of SAP, Oracle, Datev or even in-house corporate software can use the time to enter comments how nice it would be if the software they used gave such harmless and cute messages.

April 28, 2008, 0:05

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