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We had a pretty good session at the photo lab this evening, exploring the world of printing on canvas once again. Which is quite a bit of work as it involves assembling the frame and the canvas and then applying photo emulsion to it in the dark which then has to dry for a few days before it can be used. As you apply the emulsion with a brush, the result isn’t as even and predictable as photo paper is. And as each canvas takes a lot of effort to make and no two canvases are identical in the way you put the emulsion on them, you can’t do more than educated guesses.

Last time we were quite lucky with our guesses. And this time we were again. Perhaps even more so. The prints on canvas came out rather nicely and the prints on wood which we did later on – while not being as good – were still reasonable. We’ll just call any difference from being technically perfect ‘artsy’, right?

Print on canvas

I just had to print this photo (scanned version) which I really like a lot on a canvas. And the result you see while it’s still wet above is rather good for the technique I think. The photo on wood looks cool as well. And it’s the same drama in the photo as in this one or this one.

Print of a railway platform on wood

April 9, 2008, 0:27

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