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I’m currently looking after my mum’s car. Of course I don’t really need a car in a tiny place like Göttingen that has a well-connected railway station, so it’s mostly standing around. And the battery must have completely discharged while I was on holiday. Meaning that the damn thing didn’t move when I actually wanted to use it. And just a few weeks later I managed to find both a cable and a colleague with a car to do the jump starting trick.

Luckily Volkswagen were clever enough to put instructions for doing this correctly in the car’s manual, even giving them an entry in the index. And luckily I had a look there despite my colleague doubting that any useful information could be found in the manual. Then I called my car loving brother just to be sure and after a few attempts the thing started running again. After a bit of high rpm driving, I could start the car again without help, but I’m not sure it sounded totally healthy again.

But what really sucked was this:

Car radio display showing safe

If you overlook the strange black things in the display, you’ll see the word SAFE spelled out there. It has to do with the radio’s theft protection which requires you to enter a code to unlock it when it has been disconnected from power. Probably a clever idea. But obviously the code is not in the car. Which means I’m screwed now. After all the only thing I could possibly like about driving a car is the fact that I can listen to my old mixtapes on the tape deck in there. Loudly even.

Unfortunately it turned out that this bit of jump starting didn’t do the trick and that the battery needed to be replaced.

April 11, 2008, 1:05

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