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WebKit Quirk 1b

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Uh, booring. I thought I had another WebKit quirk on my list. Perhaps something related to :after CSS pseudoclasses, but upon looking at the relevant CSS it seems like it's pretty much the same old problem I described the other day: Padding of inline elements vanishing at the end of a line.

Screenshot of Safari rendered Cyberduck web site

This screenshot comes from the Cyberduck web site and the CSS drawing the little red 'version 3' badge is this:

.version3 {
	background:url(./img/badge.png) no-repeat 100% 50%; 

Which makes this look pretty much like a padding problem once more. And even if WebKit's behaviour were according to the CSS spec, I'd say it needs changing because it'd be an example of the spec being bad or wrong…

April 20, 2008, 0:47

Tagged as bug, web design.

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