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GeburtstagsChecker 1.7

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GeburtstagsChecker Icon Good things come to those who wait. And it took almost two years of waiting for a GeburtstagsChecker update to come along. And the new version 1.7, released yesterday, even brings along a new feature: support for anniversaries, rather than just birthdays.

This is based on a rather obscure but nice feature of OS X’s Address Book. In addition to a person’s birthday you can store additional dates with their record (by using the Card → Add Field → Dates command). GeburtstagsChecker will now list upcoming anniversaries or other dates stored in your address book along with the birthdays. As an incentive for ugrading, we’ll send e-mails about the new feature to the wives of our registered users, pointing out that there will be no more excuse for forgetting wedding anniversaries…

In addition to this there have been a few fixes of problems created by MacOS X.5 (log messages from the address book, loss of window transparency, loss of localised strings for today and tomorrow). It looks like Apple simply changed a number of things there over time. Further changes are slight improvements of localisations and the inclusion of Sparkle for automatic update checking.

Uh, and if you are running a Mac OS X version smaller than X.4, you are screwed. The new version won’t work for you.

May 17, 2008, 18:08

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