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Hello Summer!

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… at least I hope that the endless days of grey rainy misery are over now and we’ll keep having sunshine and warmth. Anyway, off we were for a nice barbecque with beef (the making-you-drool nice kind), lamb (marinaded a bit too garlicy) and Göttingens’ finest sausages.

Meat before being braaied

Plus a bit of salad even because – despite my otherwise Fleisch ist mein Gemüse attitude, I like that as well.


And as an ‘exotic’ dessert there were even marshmallows.

Grilled marshmallows

Sickeningly good, I say. Apparently the pack we had was made in Belgium and they had serious problems spelling short and long German words correctly. Uh, and they considered § an appropriate replacement for ß. I think, for a change, we can file that as human rather than technological failure.

German instructions on marshmallow pack

May 10, 2008, 12:07

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