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Sometimes a person’s pick in either-or questions can shape your opinion of them. Sometimes the questions themselves are just silly. So what do you prefer:

Add your answers and your own silly questions, I’m sure we missed many.

August 14, 2008, 9:48

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Comment by Dave2: User icon

Neither, Beatles, Both, Bach, Rambo, Star Wars, Pasta, E-Mail, Depends on the item in question, Tea.

Shocking you skipped over the most obvious… Mac or PC!!

August 14, 2008, 14:45

Comment by ssp: User icon

I guess you dodged some of the tricky question in a logician’s style by answering yes/no both/neither :) While I just wanted to skip the whole computer thing.

Oddly these questions can seem very important in some respect or equally irrelevant in others. At least they should be a good basis for wide ranging discussions.

August 14, 2008, 19:48

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