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While services sound like a good idea, I frequently hate them. Be it because the people who do them suck, because they are superfluous or both.

The most recent scam I ran into was the ‘service’ they offered at a petrol station: Some guy was running around the offering to do the refuelling for me. Now I am perfectly able to do that myself, it’s a perfectly trivial task. I guess it could be convenient if I could have just remained in the car - just as it’s done in South Africa - but here I had to walk over to the counter for paying anyway, reducing my potential advantage from this to zero.

What added insult to injury, however, was that the guy first told me to he’d do the refuelling for me and then asked me which fuel I wanted. Listing only ‘super’ and some even more crackpot overpriced variant as options, while not asking for the cheaper ‘normal’ fuel that’s perfectly good enough for the car. This kind of ‘upselling’ is just distasteful [I guess any kind of upselling is. I still distinctly remember us wanting to get a Coke at a drive in in the U.S. and them asking us whether we wanted a burger with it…] and I recommend suspecting me in case a few petrol stations in my vicinity explode in the near future.

Friggin morons.

And as marketing and upselling ‘experts’ are wont to do these days, the guy at the cashier had to ask me whether I liked that new ‘service’. Being my usual charming self I told him it was completely useless to which he only shrugged. How very helpful. One wonders why they bother to ask…

August 31, 2008, 17:59

Tagged as business, car, idiots.

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