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While yesterday’s dinner was fantastic, it also struck me afterwards that - just as in many other places these days - when it comes to food there’s a lack of middle-ground.

It’s easy to get bad food. We have a bunch of tolerable university restaurants around here. Plus a few rather bad canteens. In addition to that you can get all the cheap kebaps, falafels or noodles your stomach can tolerate. It’s also not too hard to find fancy food. Once you spend enough, it may not be worth the price you’re paying but it’s probably a bit exciting anyway.

But what about a good but not fancy meal for a medium price? That genre seems to have died out or it’s hiding fairly well.

Sometimes you just want a well cooked dish made from good ingredients rather than going for a multi-course meal where each plate contains several exciting little tidbits, summing up to more than you can recall afterwards because there are so many details.

Back to the stove, Mr Porst…

October 17, 2008, 0:20

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Comment by g: User icon

Well, if you ever pass through Paris sometime…

October 17, 2008, 9:30

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