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My dad treated us to a fancypants meal on the occasion of his birthday. We went to Das kleine Lokal just down the road from their place as a special treat. A restaurant which can be highly recommended should you end up in Bremen with a bunch of both time and cash to spare. My parents have been going there forever, appreciating the food over the decades while being frustrated by the charming but rather uncomfortable seating. Turns out they renovated not too long ago and solved that problem as well.

The food was excellent. With fancy bits like lobster or scallop, more old-school ingredients like liver or sweetbread finding their way onto our plates and things being eaten whose existence we weren’t even aware about before: yellow beetroot or black rice.

In fact the one dish was truly outstanding. From bottom to top the plate came with a bit of saffron foam, black rice risotto, algae and a scallop. That was just excellent. Particularly the risotto was interesting. A bit of Googling afterwards suggests that the black rice comes from China where it was reserved for the emperor but it has been cultivated in Italy for a decade now, making it ‘known’ in Europe as well (it seems to be known as Venere rice around here). Its grains are round and apparently it takes quite a long cooking before it’s turned into a risotto with a slightly nutty taste.

Even the chocolate soufflé, served with Quark ice cream was good (fluffy and light but still substantial; chocolaty but not the sweet greasy mess you may fear to get) to end things on a high note…


October 16, 2008, 20:31

Tagged as bremen, food, restaurant.

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