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Sympathy for the Cigarette Industry

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German ex-chancellor Schmidt is being pushed to a bit of a pop celebrity by his weekly paper who don’t grow tired of congratulating him. The also made a running gag of his nicotine addiction, stylising it in a way that starts to go beyond pure appreciation.

I had to chuckle when seeing the following congratulatory ads in the special birthday magazine they had for him this week. First, the cigarette industry pointing out that he didn’t hold a ciggie between his fingers at all times:

Ad by the cigarette industry

Admittedly, it’s quite funny. But who - even as a celebrity smoker - would be flattered by having the cigarette industry take out an ad for him? Doesn’t that just feel wrong? And once you flip the page you see the next one, bought by the bastion of democracy that’s the energy industry:

Ad by RWE honouring Helmut Schmidt and his emissions

They point out that with all the energy he created in the country he’s allowed a few emissions. Much less funny, even more awkward, I think.

December 24, 2008, 12:28

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