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DNS mess

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It seems that nothing on the web can work without a giant bit of FAIL. After last year’s web hosting disaster that saw another web host going broke, completely vanishing, our hosting situation has been reasonably stable recently.

But our domain was still hosted by the company who played a part in last year’s fuck-up: They were the DNS people for the old web hoster and hadn’t been paid. So we had to cover those charges and pay their twice-the-standard-rate fee (and even at the standard rates for single registrations the prices feel like DNS hosting should be pretty close to printing money or being a bank in the days of government bailouts) to be able to use our domain again. Felt like piracy to me. As we had to pay for the ‘full year’, we decided to at least use this overpriced option we had already paid for. For some reason that ‘full year’ was supposed to end in April. But somehow earthlingsoft.net dropped out of the DNS system in early March. WTF?!

So we finally moved our DNS entry over to our new host as well. Which required us to get some code that we actually received promptly. Yet, the transfer didn’t work. And yet another phone call was required to find out that uh, the colleague must have forgotten to unlock the domain for the transfer. Why can’t any of these things ‘just work’? Particularly as the points of failure rarely seem to be the technically difficult ones but always seem to come down to simple FAIL.

Anyway, we’re back online. E-mails may have bounced as ‘unrouteable’ in the past days but should come through again now.

March 13, 2009, 23:37

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