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What’s the fucking point?

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There just happen to be quite a few bands which have ‘fucking’ in their name. Apparently middle America - and consequently Apple - don’t approve of that. Which means iTunes will ‘clean’ that dirty word with a bunch of asterisks in the search term completions it suggests. Strangely enough it even does that after you entered the evil word yourself.

iTunes Store completion for 'fucking'

Surely there’ll be MBAs telling me that this is ‘good’ behaviour because bending over for stupid people is a good way to earn money. And there’ll be lawyers telling me this is ‘absolutely required’ as you can’t show people ‘offensive’ words without prior warning. But the thing is that usually such ‘arguments’ solely serve to ‘protect’ corporations from the scorn of the clueless, the people who’ll cry ‘obscenity’ when seeing such suggestsions. And it comes from corporations wanting to give in to the demands of those people, thus making their software much more complex than it needs to be and not wanting to spend enough money to work the details out well enough to avoid such ridiculousness.

April 27, 2009, 21:33

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Comment by Stefan: User icon

This falls in the same category of ridiculousness as not allowing screenshots during playback of the Apple DVD Player (which of course can be worked around easily).

April 27, 2009, 21:55

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