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Beef Sushi

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A friend came to visit and we wanted to have some nice dinner. Beef came to mind. And keen to recreate a good experience I dug up my beef sushi recipe. We got a rather nice piece of beef, all the collateral ingredients and ended up with a fantastic result: seared meat, raw in the middle, marinaded in soy sauce and sake with red and spring onions on sushi rice.

Beef sushi, served

Only the daikon relish mentioned in my recipe was missing. That stuff is hard to get. And trying to even explain an ingredient from a Japanese recipe in an English language cookbook to an Indonesian working in an Asian food store in small town Germany may just be too Babylonian a task to succeed at. After some further consultation I settled for buying an ordinary German radish, chopping it finely and trying to marinade it a bit in rice vinegar with a bit of mirin. That wasn’t bad but not quite as sour and tasty as I would have liked it to be.

For dessert there were blueberry daiquiris. Not the worst thing to have either…

September 25, 2009, 0:12

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