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Insult to Injury

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I really need to start removing Google ads from our domain. Not only are they frequently inane and amusingly inappropriate (string tanga ads on the UnicodeChecker page because it mentions ‘strings’…), the money they provide is rather negligible as well. Particularly since our domain was offline for a few weeks last years and Google decided it to be less important when it returned with the same content - thus reducing the traffic by half or even more.

When checking the http://earthlingsoft.net/UnicodeChecker/ page for the recent update, I spotted this ad:

Google Ad PowerPoint to Flash

Well, if you ever wanted to turn the motto adding insult to injury into software, then certainly converting PowerPoint to Flash makes great starting point and this software is most likely a success. Seeing that you can consider the sheer existence of said software as an insult as well, the ad itself is adding insult to injury once again. At which stage my brain gives up, not trying to follow all the silly implications of this.

But really, the question is if Google are so smart that nobody can do better than they do, why do such inappropriate ads end up on our pages? It seems unlikely that any of our visitors would be interested in any of the advertised crap (one of the other ads reads Convert to/from Excel/TXT) which means that Google are not doing their best to make money (hello Google shareholders, go complain!) and that they’re not doing a good service for us either. The remaining question is whether there’s a reasonable way to get any sub $100 amount from Google without them keeping loads of ‘fees’.

October 13, 2009, 21:46

Tagged as advertising, google, stupid.

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