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Cambridge Weekend

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Spent the weekend with Dan and Lucy in Cambridge. It was cool to see them again and I managed to get to orient myself in the town a little (small like Göttingen but with more nice buildings and small roads) and visited a friend at the maths department with whom we spent a fun evening that included somewhat ‘odd’ videos to music by Amon Tobin.

On Saturday we went to see The Armageddapocalypse at a student theatre which was completely packed despite being a 11p.m. show and was a rather well done and funny, if not particularly clever, parody on action films complete with the director and actor ‘comments’ they sell as ‘extras’ on DVDs. Interestingly it’s hard to find entertainment of that kind in our student theatres in Germany. People just seem to be too serious.

Later, I went on to Mike’s place in Reading to go to NSConference. The initial meetup took us to drinks with everyone and a curry and further drinks with Chris and Graham in the course of the evening.

February 1, 2010, 1:39

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