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Latvian Opening Times

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In Rīga I noticed that most shops had interesting signs for their opening times, Darba Laiks. Those had a little list of the days in the week, with the respective opening times behind them. Frequently each day was also represented by a circle which was filled for ‘full’ opening times and semi-filled for reduced opening times on Saturday and empty when the shop was closed on Sundays. I thought that was an interesting way of giving people a quick idea of what’s going on in a graphical way in addition to the written information. While not every shop had exactly the same design, they seemed so widespread that I started wondering whether there’s some kind of regulation behind it.

Sign for opening times of the Art Nouveau museum

Opening Times on a green door.

Opening Times for the Latvian Photographic Museum

Opening Times on a window.

Opening Times on a glass window.

Opening Times on a paper sheet behind a window.

Sign with opening times for the War Museum.

Sign with opening Times for a Cosmetics place

August 16, 2010, 23:02

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