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Berlin Weekend

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Berlin’s inexhaustible number of exhibitions and events, led me for a weekend of fun and culture once again. The date being carefully chosen to be in the intersection of the dates all of the events I wanted to see were on.

The very first event on Friday night was a bit of a bonus: A concert by Rainald Grebe at Admiralspalast. Rainald Grebe’s music is fun stuff, chock-full of clever observations about the world, life, and the people around him. The event, however, wasn’t too exciting. Not only was the ‘orchestra’ that was with him mostly superfluous and sillily dressed, in addition Admiralspalast has horribly narrow and uncomfortable seats and and audience that isn’t my cup of tea.

On Saturday I started off with a visit to Bauhaus Archiv which aside from its permanent exhibition features a special exhibition on the graphical work of Hajo Rose at the moment. Both the permanent and the special exhibitions are of a comfortable size and very nice. I can recommend going there. However, be prepared to bring along a lot of either discipline or money as their gift shop is full of tempting stuff.

Bauhaus Archiv in Berlin

Afterwards we went to C/O Berlin to look at some photos there. Their main exhibition features photos of fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh at the moment. Like with most fashion photographers I wasn’t overly impressed. Many of the photos seemed rather bland to me. They were nice and huge, though (at least 2 metres), coming in pretty wooden frames. With most of the photos coming from 35mm negatives, that size didn’t do them a big favour, though: You see a lot of grain in there.

The small exhibition of photos by Fred Herzog they have was very nice though. And it fits in very well with the exhibition we saw at NRW Forum in Düsseldorf a fortnight ago. The run down Postfuhramt building that C/O Berlin resides in, is very cool by the way. So, if you haven’t done so yet, try and get a look before they are kicked out there by the investors who can imagine better ways to use such a nice property.

℅ Berlin in the Postfuhramt

In the evening we went to Neukölln for dinner, trying the Föllerei restaurant. A pleasantly small one-page menu full of conservative food. Dinner was nice. And Neuköllners beware, gentrification is coming your way!

The rest of the night we walked around checking out several events of the Nacht und Nebel happening which featured dozens of places open to the public at night with art, music, commerce and whatnot. Nothing overly remarkable, but reasonably fun.

After extensive breakfast on Sunday, I rushed to the Welt aus Schrift exhibition which featured two huge rooms full of typographically oriented posters and art from the 20th century. A really great exhibition, particularly the room for the first half of the century which hightlights how much people created and invented back then already and how disciplined their work looks compared to the more modern stuff. Definitely an exhibition to visit, and possibly one you’d love to have around all the time if you feel the need for inspiration or nicking some good ideas.

Afterwards, I headed to the Martin-Gropius-Bau for their Moholy-Nagy exhibition. They showed some of his photos, plenty of his experimentation with objects on photo paper and some collages. This stuff doesn’t look too exciting these days where everybody can get more exciting effects in Photoshop. But coming up with the ideas and experimenting with them seems remarkable.

After another coffee, the weekend was over already: I headed to Hauptbahnhof and went back home.

November 7, 2010, 22:13

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