Sven’s Geotagging script Script Icon

for use with Google Mapping sites and iPhoto or GraphicConverter

Download. A brief readme is included in the script’s description.

Read More: on Sven’s blog. Recommended to get some background.

Feedback: Send e-mail or leave a comment.

Thanks to: Google Maps/Earth for their fun services, wikimapia for their great refinement of Google’s work, Phil Harvey for making ExifTool which does the heavy lifting and my readers jcb and Nate Silva who left comments and suggested improvements.

Related links: Craig Stanton made Geotagger which is a fairly similar script that's easier to set up. Sven is part of earthlingsoft – check out our software.

Version History:

v5 (31-08-2006)
So far, if an image had been edited in iPhoto, the script only added EXIF data to the modified version of the image. Now the script tries to guess where the original image is and change that one as well.
v4 (22-07-2006)
Made script rely on newer version of ExifTool to simplify things, handles English number formats correctly now.
v3 (21-07-2006)
Added support for wikimapia and Google Earth.
v2 (21-08-2005)
Fixed number handling thanks to jcb.
v1 (19-08-2005)
First attempt. Works for me…

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