New technologies of communication and information will have considerable effects on each of us and our society. Some people are speaking already of a third industrial revolution.

Consequently the federal state of Bremen adopted computer knowledge at two levels in the curriculum: "Informationstechnische Grundbildung" (basic knowledge how to work with a computer) at the junior high school and the possibility to choose the subject "Informatik" (informatics) at the senior high school. The curriculum for this subject covers the following aspects:

At the senior high school the emphasis is on learning the programming language Pascal. The topic of the last semester is "Computer and Sciences". The International School CyberFair-Project gives us the excellent opportunity to combine the first and second aspects.

At our privat school, the Ökumenisches Gymnasium the inter-disciplinary lessons have a special meaning. We thought the subject "Bremer Haus" particularly suitable, because some aspects of it have been considered already in the subjects history, arts and geography. Moreover the translation into English was a special challenge.

By the learning of the HTML-language the understanding of the communication via Internet is increasing permanently.

First we worked out a rough structure. While working on this project the structure was continually improved, until each member of the group had his own special topic. During this phase we had an intensive interchange, because each of these special topics could be added with references to the other. The work of a class-mate contained supplementary informations either, or it was given the possibility to refer to another document in the Internet, for example a guided tour of Bremen.

Discussions about the wish for optimal graphic representation on the one hand and on the demand for a quick access on the other hand were always productive.

On an excursion through typical quarters with "Bremer Häuser" we worked with a digital camera. A scanner was used for the layout, that is the integration of graphics, maps, backgrounds etc. The Internet was a permanent source for suitable software and further informations about Bremen. By "surfing" through the Internet we got ideas for our pages.

Our special thank is for the initiators of the International Schools CyberFair-Project!

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