Looking at the parts of Bremen, which were built in the second part of the last century, the contemplator will notice that there are no blocks of flats like in other cities, but detached single-family houses. The structure (height, arrangement of windows) of the houses are similar, but the realization of details is different, so the houses are not monotonous. Ground-plans and using of floors are identical in all houses This house is called the "Bremer Haus".

Many social reformers of the last century appreciated the Bremer Haus as a modell to avoid the inhuman living conditions existing in the blocks of flats in other cities. To give each family an own house was taken as a method to integrate workers into society and improve their health. Today it is popular especially among families because of its high and bright rooms and its size. Unfortunately, in the 50s and 60s the houses were replaced by modern and impersonal appartment-houses, before the Bremer Haus was discovered again.

In our project we dealt with the history, the formand today's role of the Bremer Haus.

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