Canon EF

EF vs. EF

The Canon EF camera is in a strange position as far as its name is concerned because Canon started using ‘EF‘ as the name for the auto-focus lenses in the 1980s which are incompatible with the Canon FD series of lenses which the Canon EF camera uses.


Canon EF from above

The first SLR my dad got back in the 1970s was a Canon EF.  It's not quite a professional grade camera but it has a fairly good reputation. In particular its metal case is really solid and people say you could abuse the camera as a hammer if you absolutely needed to.

The camera has been with us for a long time and took many photos in Europe, Africa and America and was good to use for many years.

Its main operation is fully mechanical and works perfectly to this day. It also features an electric part which does automatic aperture control depending on the light conditions and the exposure time you select. That broke some time after 2000, making the camera a bit hard to use. Attempts to fix that problem using service manuals looked promising at first but always ran into new problems after a while.