Steffen Kamp

Welcome to the incomplete collection of stuff I do or did.

earthlingsoft earthlingsoft is Sven-S. Porst and me developing more or less useful applications for MacOS X in our spare time.
Uni The Institut für Nachrichtentechnik (Institute of Communications Engineering) is where I am currently working as a research assistant. My main research topic is video coding (mostly revolving around H.264/AVC).
Flickr A small selection of photos I have taken.
Uni University stuff – Some of the things I did during my studies of electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen University.
Bolzbolde Die Bolzbolde are a simulated football team that Ulrich and I developed for the RWTH RoboCup-Tournament in 2000.
Heptagon Heptagon is a page I did for keeping contact to some good friends of mine. It mainly features a simple discussion board and photo album. (Access restricted to invited guests.)

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