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Dreamland Checker

Bub & Bob Level Editor

Download (Version , 185KB, Mac OS X.1)

Shareware Try it out and then donate.

Dreamland Checker is a Level Editor for Bub & Bob 2, one of the greatest ways to make your ultra-modern supercomputer behave like a trusty old Commodore 64.

The usage of Dreamland Checker is next to obvious. The main thing to do is ‘drawing’ your level. Setting the parameters for the levels and generating the monsters ist fairly straightforward as well. In order to be able to select the graphics for your level your file has to be saved in the ‘Bub2 custom levels’ subfolder of the Bub & Bob folder. You will have to place your file there anyway for it to be selectable in Bub & Bob's settings. Then, clicking on one of the image wells in the 'Graphics' section will display a menu allowing you to select a graphics file. Note, that the 'preview' feature is for the background only and not always correct.

You need a registered version of Bub & Bob 2 to be able to play levels you created yourself.