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Rechnungs Checker

Analyse your phone bill

Download (Version 1.15, 785KB, Mac OS X.4)

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Rechnungs Checker reads the itemised phone bill files of various providers (Skype Out, British Telecom, O2, Deutsche Telekom, NetCologne) and helps you split up your phone bill between different people or tasks. It turns the chore of splitting the bill of a shared flat, a small company or a family into a quick and pain free task.

You will have many handy tools at your hand: Ranging from quick internet searches for numbers that couldn’t be assigned automatically, to the ability to split the basic fee as well as the costs of certain communal calls between all parties, to sending e-mails with all the relevant information of the phone bill to all the people involved with a click of the mouse.

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Version History:

1.15 (2010-05-11)
1.14 (2010-01-05)
1.0.13 (2007-03-13)
1.0.12 (03-01-2007)
1.0.11 (23-05-2006)
1.0.10 (04-03-2006)
1.0.9 (15-07-2005)
1.0.8 (24-05-2005)
1.0.7 (13-05-2005)
1.0.6 (13-01-2005)
1.0.5 (17-12-2004)
1.0.4 (06-12-2004)
1.0.3 (02-12-2004)
1.0.2 (08-11-2003) (07-08-2003)
1.0.1 (23-02-2003)
1.0 (11-02-2003)